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    Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian, The
      When Junior (Arnold) Spirit chooses to go to school off his North Dakota re...
      Author: Alexie, Sherman GED Descriptors: language arts - reading | social studies
    Alia's Mission
      This graphic storybook/graphic novel is based on the true story of the chie...
      Author: Stamaty, Mark Alan GED Descriptors: social studies | language arts - reading
    Baboon King, The
      Set in Africa, this powerful book explores the themes of the importance of ...
      Author: Quintana, Anton GED Descriptors:
      A family finds a baby on its doorstep with a note asking them to care for t...
      Author: MacLachlan, Patricia GED Descriptors:
    Big Mouth and Ugly Girl
      In this engrossing 266-page book, Matt, age 17, is falsely accused of tryin...
      Author: Oates, Joyce Carol GED Descriptors:
    Cat with the Yellow Star, The: Coming of Age in Terezin
      Ela Weissberger's life before, during, and after she and her family were fo...
      Author: Rubin, Susan Goldman GED Descriptors: social studies
    Charlie Chaplin
      This interesting biography of Charlie Chaplin discusses his life and work f...
      Author: Turk, Ruth GED Descriptors: language arts - reading
    Children of Topaz, The
      The authors provide an introduction to the history of the Japanese internme...
      Author: Tunnell, Michael & Chilcoat, George GED Descriptors: social studies
    Circuit, The
      The author tells the heartbreaking story of a young boy growing up as an un...
      Author: Jimenez, Francisco GED Descriptors: social studies
    Dear Willie Rudd
      Miss Elizabeth, thinking 50 years back, remembers Willie Rudd, the African ...
      Author: Gray, Libba Moore GED Descriptors:
    Do I Dare Disturb the Universe:
      Charlise Lyles grew up in Cleveland in the 1960s and 1970s. This memoir foc...
      Author: Lyles, Charlise GED Descriptors:
    Ellen Foster
      11-year-old Ellen tells her own story in this "Oprah Book about a foster ch...
      Author: Gibbons, Kaye GED Descriptors:
    Eyes of the Dragon
      A Chinese magistrate commissions a famous painter of dragons to paint one o...
      Author: Leaf, Margaret GED Descriptors:
    Giver, The
      This Newbery Award-winning novel is set in a utopian community in which all...
      Author: Lowry, Lois GED Descriptors:
    Hitler Youth
      By following a dozen German youth, the author examines the attraction and o...
      Author: Bartoletti, Susan Campbell GED Descriptors: social studies | language arts - reading | science
    Home of the Brave
      An African refuge lives with his aunt and cousin in Minneapolis. He has pr...
      Author: Applegate, Katherine GED Descriptors: literature and arts | social studies
    How I Discovered Poetry
      Marilyn Nelson describes her childhood in America in the 1950s, as the daug...
      Author: Nelson, Marilyn GED Descriptors: language arts - reading | social studies | language arts - writing
    I Have an Olive Tree
      Colorful, stylized illustrations depict a girl and her mother as they trave...
      Author: Bunting, Eve GED Descriptors: social studies
    In Our Mothers' House
      Marmee and Meema, two wonderfully innovative, creative mothers, provide a l...
      Author: Polacco, Patricia GED Descriptors: social studies
    In Our Mothers' House
      Marmee and Meema, two wonderfully innovative, creative mothers, provide a l...
      Author: Polacco, Patricia GED Descriptors: social studies
    Memories of Sun
      This is a collection of modern day short stories and poems about Africa. I...
      Author: Kurtz, Jane (Ed.) GED Descriptors: language arts - reading | social studies
    Music of Dolphins, The
      Mila, a feral child raised by dolphins after her parents' death, is rescued...
      Author: Hesse, Karen GED Descriptors:
    My Life in Dog Years
      Each chapter describes one of the amazing and unforgettable dogs Gary Pauls...
      Author: Paulsen, Gary GED Descriptors:
    Old African, The
      a beautifully told and illustrated story that, according to the dust jacket...
      Author: Lester, Julius GED Descriptors: social studies
    Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place, The
      Margaret Rose Kane, 12 years old, escapes oppressive summer camp with the h...
      Author: Konigsburg, E. L. GED Descriptors:
    Persepolis 2
      This graphic novel sequel to Persepolis, depicts the author's rebellious ad...
      Author: Satrapi, Marjane GED Descriptors: social studies
    Pick and Shovel Poet
      This moving biography recounts the life of Italian immigrant poet Pascal D'...
      Author: Murphy, Jim GED Descriptors: social studies
    Relatively Speaking
      Centered around a family reunion, a boy speaks about his older brother, his...
      Author: Fletcher, Ralph GED Descriptors:
    Sarah, Plain and Tall
      A mail-order bride comes from Maine to the midwest; the children (who have ...
      Author: MacLachlan, Patricia GED Descriptors: social studies
    Sioux, The
      This book is part of the "Lifeway Series," which also includes titles calle...
      Author: Bial, Raymond GED Descriptors: social studies
    True Believer
      This is not exactly a sequel to Make Lemonade, but the style is si...
      Author: Wolff, Virginia Euwer GED Descriptors:
    Whale Journey
      This book describes the migration journey of grey whales. Birthing and care...
      Author: French, Vivian GED Descriptors: social studies | science
      The author/illustrator presents fascinating, positive information about gre...
      Author: Gibbons, Gail GED Descriptors: science

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