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My Life in Dog Years

Publication Information
Author:  Paulsen, Gary Illustrator:  Paulsen, Ruth
Title:  My Life in Dog Years Date:  1998
Publisher:  Delacorte City:  New York
ISBN, paperback:  0-385-32570-3 ISBN, hardback:  

Recommended audience:
Family:   Yes Young Adult:   Yes

General Information:
Book Type(s):    nonfiction, essays, biography and autobiography, memoirs/reminiscences, true story

GED Descriptor(s):   

Each chapter describes one of the amazing and unforgettable dogs Gary Paulsen has owned. As we read his dogs' stories, we also learn a great deal about the author.

Teaching Ideas:
Paulsen tells us that he was lonely and shy as a child and that his strongest relationships were with dogs. Learners may want to follow up on this by keeping a matrix as they read: dog, period of Paulsen's life, what Paulsen gained/ learned/ lost. Writing and discussion could follow. Learners may also want to write about their own pets or to look at the issue of people/ pet relationships more generally. Those studying biography may be interested in looking at Paulsen's "here's my life from the perspective of what was happening with my dogs." Good companion volumes are Rylant's Every Living Thing or Paulsen's Dogsong and Puppies, Dogs, and Blue Northers.

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