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Helping Books Logo Helping caring adults to find quality children's literature

Helping Books Connection is a resource center compiled to help families and caring adults find and use quality children’s literature as a tool for individual and group discussion activities.

The Literature Database provides access to reviews of children’s and teen books, both fiction and nonfiction, covering topics that focus on ethical and personal issues relevant to young people. Titles are selected for inclusion and reviewed by librarians, teachers, and other trained adults working with children’s literature. Selection is based on Helping Books guidelines for choosing quality literature.

Helping Books Resources include programs, websites, books, and other tools that support the use of children’s literature to generate discussion. Find helpful resources in the areas of bibliotherapy, character education, family book discussions, and storytelling.

We welcome book reviewers! If you work with children in a professional capacity (librarian, teacher, social worker, etc.) and are interested in reviewing titles for Helping Books Connection, please read the guidelines before filling out the application to review.

Helping Books Connection also supports programs such as the Helping Books/Helping Families Program, designed by the State Library of Ohio and a committee of volunteers. The database was conceived through the efforts of the Ohio Library Council's Children's Services Division. Technical support and website hosting are provided by The Ohio Literacy Resource Center.

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