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Emotions-Personal Issues
Emotions-Personal Issues > emotions
Emotions-Personal Issues > emotions > love
      The opera diva Leontyne Price retells this classic operatic tale made famou...
      Author: Price, Leontyne GED Descriptors: language arts - reading
    At the End of Words: A Daughter's Memoir
      What happens "at the end of words"? The author faced this difficult questio...
      Author: Stone, Miriam GED Descriptors:
      A family finds a baby on its doorstep with a note asking them to care for t...
      Author: MacLachlan, Patricia GED Descriptors:
    Block, The
      This collection of Langston Hughes poems is complemented by the illustratio...
      Author: Hughes, Langston GED Descriptors: language arts - reading
    Buried Alive
      This collection of linked poems explores the rich, puzzling and painful exp...
      Author: Fletcher, Ralph GED Descriptors: language arts - reading
    Chance of Sunshine, A
      The pictures tell most of the story in this almost-wordless book. Two peopl...
      Author: Liao, Jimmy GED Descriptors:
    Charlie Chaplin
      This interesting biography of Charlie Chaplin discusses his life and work f...
      Author: Turk, Ruth GED Descriptors: language arts - reading
    Chess Rumble
      Since his sister died, Marcus is in trouble all the time at school. Then he...
      Author: Neri, G. GED Descriptors:
    Chicken Sunday
      Two African-American boys and their white friend, a girl, try to earn enoug...
      Author: Polacco, Patricia GED Descriptors:
    Cool Moonlight, A
      Lila, who has an allergy to sunlight, lives with her disability helped by h...
      Author: Johnson, Angela GED Descriptors:
    Couple of Kooks and Other Stories About Love, A
      All of these eight short stories are appropriate for ABE or ESL classes, an...
      Author: Rylant, Cynthia GED Descriptors:
    Cupid and Psyche
      This is a retelling of the classic Greek myth....
      Author: Craft, M. Charlotte GED Descriptors: language arts - reading
      In this adaptation of a traditional tale, a wounded Canada goose takes on t...
      Author: Bang, Molly GED Descriptors:
    Every Living Thing
      Each story in this collection features an animal, and in every case the exi...
      Author: Rylant, Cynthia GED Descriptors:
    First Part Last, The
      [revised from dust jacket] Bobby is a classic urban teenaged boy-- impulsiv...
      Author: Johnson, Angela GED Descriptors:
    First Strawberries: A Cherokee Story, The
      A quarrel between husband and wife is resolved when strawberries begin to g...
      Author: Bruchac, J. GED Descriptors:
    Freedom's Fruit
      Mama Marina, a conjure woman in the Low Country of the Carolinas in the tim...
      Author: Hooks, William GED Descriptors:
    Heart is Big Enough, The
      Each of these five stories focuses on a protagonist with special challenges...
      Author: Rosen, Michael GED Descriptors:
    I Have Seen Castles
      A 67-year-old man remembers growing up in Pittsburgh and falling in love wi...
      Author: Rylant, Cynthia GED Descriptors:
      Journey, an eleven-year-old boy whose Mom has left him and his sister to li...
      Author: MacLachlan, Patricia GED Descriptors:
    Language of Doves, The
      On her sixth birthday, Julietta's grandfather gives her one of his homing p...
      Author: Wells, Rosemary GED Descriptors: social studies
    Library, The
      A delightfully illustrated story in verse about a shy, avid reader who gave...
      Author: Stewart, Sarah GED Descriptors:
    Lost Lake, The
      A boy and his dad go out trekking, looking for a private lake, and in the p...
      Author: Say, Allen GED Descriptors:
    Love Letters
      This small, unusual book, which defies categorization, contains illustratio...
      Author: Poehlmann, JoAnna GED Descriptors: language arts - reading
    Memories of Summer
      The novel is set in 1955. A father and 2 daughters (Lyric, the narrator, is...
      Author: White, Ruth GED Descriptors:
    Mermaid Summer, The
      Jon and Ana, brother and sister, display intelligence and courage as they b...
      Author: Hunter, Mollie GED Descriptors:
    Morning Girl
      In alternating chapters, Morning Girl (age 12) and her brother describe lif...
      Author: Dorris, Michael GED Descriptors: social studies
    My Life in Dog Years
      Each chapter describes one of the amazing and unforgettable dogs Gary Pauls...
      Author: Paulsen, Gary GED Descriptors:
    Once Upon Ice
      The author and 16 other poets respond in a variety of poetic forms to beaut...
      Author: Yolen, Jane GED Descriptors: language arts - reading
    Orville: A Dog Story
      Chained alone in a barn by the couple he thought might give him a good home...
      Author: Kimmel, Haven GED Descriptors:
    Persephone and the Pomegranate
      The Persephone myth explains the seasons. The daughter is kidnapped by the...
      Author: Waldherr, Kris GED Descriptors: language arts - reading
    Puppies, Dogs, and Blue Northers
      Paulsen shares his love of the Iditarod and especially of Cookie, his prima...
      Author: Paulsen, Gary GED Descriptors:
    Romeo and Juliet, (The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of)
      This lively, clear, prose retelling of Shakespeare's play Romeo and J...
      Author: Shakespeare, William GED Descriptors: language arts - reading
    Sarah, Plain and Tall
      A mail-order bride comes from Maine to the midwest; the children (who have ...
      Author: MacLachlan, Patricia GED Descriptors: social studies
    Silent Thunder: A Civil War Story
      The book is set on a Virginia plantation in 1862. Eleven-year-old Summer an...
      Author: Pinkney, Andrea Davis GED Descriptors: social studies
    Song of the Chirimia
      This story includes both the English and the Spanish text on each page. It...
      Author: Volkmer, Jane Ann GED Descriptors:
    Tempest, The
      This is a prose retelling of Shakespeare's play The Tempest, a sto...
      Author: Shakespeare, William (retold by Coville, Brice) GED Descriptors: language arts - reading
    Time to Love, A
      Beautifully illustrated and ably introduced by sons of the author, this boo...
      Author: Myers, Walter Dean GED Descriptors: language arts - reading
    To Hell with Dying
      Because of the controversial subject matter and the language of the title, ...
      Author: Walker, Alice GED Descriptors:
    Toning the Sweep
      Emily goes to the desert with her mother to help her dying grandmother Ola ...
      Author: Johnson, Angela GED Descriptors:
    Twelfth Night
      This is a narrative retelling of Shakespeare's play. Many of the famous lin...
      Author: Shakespeare, William (retold B. Coville) GED Descriptors: language arts - reading
    Two Brothers, The
      King Solomon observes a miracle that results from the love and concern that...
      Author: Waldman, Neil GED Descriptors:
    Veil of Snows, The
      In the absence of her husband who has not returned from battle, the queen p...
      Author: Helprin, Mark GED Descriptors: language arts - reading | social studies
    Weave of Words, A
      A young king uses his literacy and weaving skills to send a message to the ...
      Author: San Souci, Robert GED Descriptors:
      The book explores weddings around the world through photographs and simple ...
      Author: Morris, Ann GED Descriptors:
    Welcome to the World
      This poetry book also includes stunning photos from all over the world, fro...
      Author: Siegen-Smith, Nikki (compiled by) GED Descriptors: language arts - reading
    World According to Dog, The
      This is a charming collection of the author's poems and short essays about ...
      Author: Sidman, Joyce GED Descriptors:
    Year Down Yonder, A
      This is the sequel to A Long Way From Chicago. Both books have won...
      Author: Peck, Richard GED Descriptors:

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