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Software Information
Title:  Learning 2000 Publisher:  
Publisher FAX:   Publisher phone 2:  (888) 968-5237
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Recommended audience:
ABE/ABLE:   Yes ESOL:   Yes
Family:   Workplace:   Yes

GED Descriptor(s):    literature and arts| social studies| science| math| writing

System Requirements
Operating Systems:    Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95,
Cost:  $599.0000 Processor speed:  486/66 MHz or faster
Memory:  8 MB Hard disk:  15 MB minimum
Available disk space:  15MB, 30MB recommended Screen resolution:  256 color or better, PCI or local bus VGA
Monitor size:   CD drive:  2X or faster, 12X recommended
Zip drive:   Jaz drive:  
Monitor size:   Peripherals:  
Other requirements:  Sound Blaster or compatible audio board

How to Use the Program: Basic Overview
Easy In:
bullet Step 1 Start
bullet Step 2 Programs
bullet Step 3 Learning 2000
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bullet Step 5 Choose a topic
Easy Out:
bullet Step 6 Click on Quit

Instructional Information

This multimedia CD-ROM offers instruction in a variety of areas including math, science, history, reading, writing, grammar, life skills such as how to read a medicine label, and much more. Reading instruction includes finding the main idea, finding details, using context clues, drawing conclusions and interpreting graphs and charts. Topics range from astronomy and geology to biology, history and chemistry. The practical reading section emphasizes life skills and includes topics such as health, employment, safety and consumer issues. Math instruction includes basic problem solving, fractions, decimals, percents, pre-algebra and algebra. Step-by-step problem solving help is available at the click of the mouse. Writing lessons include spelling, mechanics, usage, organization and writing style. Features include page narration, videos, hints, calculator, records manager, sample problems, practice problems, practice exercises, online dictionary and thesaurus and so much more. A neat feature is the placement tests for each topic so that learners will know where they need to begin instruction. Adult learners of all levels will find material here they can practice and use to improve their skills ranging from how to read a medicine label to adding fractions to studying biology and chemistry. It is suitable for emerging readers, developing readers, competent readers and advanced readers depending on the topic choice. It offers valuable practice in preparation for the GED test as well and the incorporation of videos plus the versatility of the lessons included makes this a cut above the rest of the GED software available. Learning 2000 contains: 11,000 Question Screens, 2,200 Minutes of Full-motion Video, Over 7,000 Instructional Screens, 3,000 Minutes of Narrated Text, Thousands of Photos and Illustrations and Interactive Lessons Learning 2000 features include: Pre-tests to Determine an Appropriate Starting Point Provides Practice Exercises Using Real-life Examples Provides Final Tests to Measure Comprehension Maintains Records to Track the Student's Progress All Titles Include: Full-motion Video Audio Narration Calculator Automated Record-keeping Online Dictionary (with Spanish translation) and Thesaurus Placement Tests and Final Exams

Teaching Ideas:
Learning 2000 offers a supplement to classroom instruction by offering instruction through video and then supplementing that with hands-on problem solving practice. It is very easy to use and the videos, page narration and hints assure that the user will feel competent to solve most problems and answer most questions presented. Be sure to check out the Reading a medicine label lesson which contains a powerful video introduction of a family scene where members are talking about reading a medicine label and figuring out how much medicine to give to a child. This program is filled with powerful introductory videos such as this. It also provides great practice in test taking skills for those learners working towards passing the GED test. The math instruction provided offers step-by-step problem solving. The reading comprehension sections cover science and history information that is interesting and informational. This is an all-inclusive program that also contains student record keeping functions that can be printed out. Learning 2000 is a modern version of the drill and kill but with the added multimedia of video instruction, interactive lessons and practical life application activities.

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