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Grab Hands and Run

Publication Information
Author:  Temple, Frances Illustrator:  
Title:  Grab Hands and Run Date:  1993
Publisher:  Orchard City:  New York
ISBN, paperback:  0-531-08630-5 ISBN, hardback:  

Recommended audience:
Family:   Young Adult:   Yes

General Information:
Book Type(s):    fiction, true story

GED Descriptor(s):    social studies

Based on a true story, this 165-page book tells of twelve-year-old Felipe, his sister, and his mother as they flee El Salvador when his father disappears. The family escapes, hides, and runs until, caught, they are finally placed in a new home in Canada. Although this book may be lengthy for some students, the suspense moves the reader along, the characters are compelling, the vocabulary is not difficult, and the language is poetic and rich.

Teaching Ideas:
Teachers may want to begin by reading the first chapter aloud. Students may want to keep a journal as they read, in order to record reactions, observations, or perhaps their own stories. It could be used with other books about flights to freedom (like Cech's My Grandmother's Journey, Hopkinson's Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt,or Bunting's How Many Days to America?). Or teachers could pair it with newspaper accounts about immigration or about Latin American --U.S. relations, or with videos about El Salvador. Also, for more information, visit website

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bullet Emotions-Personal Issues > emotions > fear
bullet Emotions-Personal Issues > personal issues > individual > freedom
bullet Geography > locations > continents/regions > Central America
bullet Geography > locations > countries > El Salvador
bullet Government/Civics > U.S. foreign policy
bullet Hardships > persecution
bullet Hardships > survival
bullet Social Science > sociology > social issues > immigration
bullet History > topic > war > refugees
bullet Geography > locations > continents/regions > Latin America

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